1960 Guild T100DP 'Slim Jim'

1963 Guild T100CH 'Slim Jim' w/Bigsby and Lollars

2015 Revelator Retrosonic Telecaster (handmade in NJ)

Strats: 1979 Tokai Springy Sound / 1994 Fender USA / 1994 Fender Japan

1974 Ibanez Les Paul Special

90s Danelectro Baritone

Martin 000

Burguet Spruce Nylon String

Tricone Resonator

Modded 90s Fender P Bass w/Monty's pickups and LaBellas


1964 Fender Princeton Amp

1973 Fender Deluxe Reverb

AER Acoustic Amplification

Ashdown Rootmaster bass halfstack


Drives: Several drawer-fulls, include: 70s Foxx Tone Machine, 80s Crest Fuzzface, 90s TS9, Original Timmy, Rockett Blue Note, Kingtone, Dimaond etc etc

Reverbs: External Spring tank, MXR, EHX Holy Grail

Mod: Fulltone Uni-Vibe, Vent Rotary Speaker sim., 80s DOD Chorus, loaded-up Kemper profiler for other various goodies

Music Tech

Instruments include: Spitfire Symphonic / harps / percussion, Omnisphere, NI Komplete, Arturia, bespoke sampled hardware synths (Juno, Prophet etc) + lots and lots of bespoke instruments from 15+ years of programming shows and backings

Pianos include: Ivory 2, NI, Pianoteq, Sampletekk, Spitfire

Jon Gingell UK Guitarist

Jon Gingell UK Guitarist